Monday, 20 May 2013

Retro Future and Anime Con prep

If it works for Bane in the comics it MUST be an effective way to get a chemical into the blood stream
As Anime North rapidly approaches, and I try my guts out to get a new issue of Manifest Destiny done in time for the show this coming weekend, it dawned on me that I hadn't updated. I really need to stop forgetting that.

So last Toons on Tap session was Retro Scifi themed and it was awesome.The Models Meredith Viner and Nic Farber were outstanding as the alien and the plucky heroine. Once again I did the drawings on my iPad but it got a little crash happy part way through and I ended up losing much of the time lapse video; I'll try again for tomorrow's session and maybe tack the two videos together.

The Next Toons on Tap session is tomorrow night and is Wizard of Oz Themed featuring a pair of Drag Queens (Daytona Bitch and Miss Conception) it should be fun, or at the very least interesting.

So I mentioned that Anime North is coming up this weekend here's a sneak peak at some of what I have been working on for the Show.
the sketch for the cover of Bo'glin Book 1 print edition
And once again I have had the privilege to Color one of my favorite Artist's work, for the rerelease of Ninja Highschool V 2.0 which will be debuting at AN this year, pick up a copy and get it signed by the Artist Ben Dunn (And me too if you like the coloring on the cover)
Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to go back to feverishly coloring.

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