Monday, 3 June 2013

The Quens of Oz

Fun with Dinos...

I'm back with another Toons on Tap update. (And a few other sketches) Two weeks ago the Models for the Wizard of Oz Themed night were the Larger than Life drag queens; Daytona Bitch, and Miss conception. Their hilarious comments and personalities kept the audience laughing throughout the evening (Which is good or else I would have gotten frustrated by the fact that I could get proportions right to save my life for about half of the night)

I also got some decent time Lapse recordings of the night, I just need to remember to actually hit the record button more frequently over the course of the evening.
The next Toons on Tap is Tomorrow night at the Rhino Bar on Queen Street, and the theme is Brave.

A Steampunk Alice in Wonderland.

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