Monday, 6 May 2013

What is this Life drawing thing you do?

What is Life drawing? What do you do at Toons on Tap? What do you get out of it? These are questions I have been asked by friends and coworkers. In short Life drawing is pretty much what it sounds like, drawing something from life. In art school this meant a model came in took off their clothes and posed while we drew them, but it could even just be as simple as sitting on the subway and drawing the people around you.

 Toons on Tap specifically is costumed life drawing. Which means that the Models are wearing costumes. This lets me as an artist get practice drawing not just anatomy, but costumes as well.Toons also takes place above a bar, so you can have a recreational beverage while you scribble to the sound track that the organizers Laurie and Jeremy compile for the session.  A metric tonne of awesome, talented people show up to every session.

 In short it's an evening of drawing interesting subject matter, perhaps enjoying some food and a beverage, while listening to music surrounded by awesome people. If that doesn't make for an awesome evening I don't know what does.

If my description doesn't make it clear on what Toons on Tap is, last session I decided to do all my drawings on my iPad. This is significant because the Sketchbook pro app let's you take a time lapsed recording of your drawings... which I did. So without further ado I give you 3 hours of Toons on Tap drawings, presented in roughly six minutes.

Some notes on the video,  1. orientation of the recording doesn't change when the UI of SBP does, I will keep that in mind for next time please excuse some of the "sideways" drawings in the mean time. 2. I tend to jump back to a piece that I am trying to get more polished, while the model is on break; I tried to get them all into place but missed one. Sorry.

Here are the compilations of the drawings.


  1. Cool stuff! I especially like the top, right drawing in the first compilation. You rocked this session!

    1. Thanks Laurie, Yeah that was one of my better ones for the evening. I'm planning on doing the digital sketching/recording of tonight's session as well.