Monday, 4 March 2013

I'm Back... Again

Ok this seems to happen to me a lot, where I forget to update things. It's a bad habit; one that I need to stop. But New art sketches and the such. Last weekend the Life drawing thing I do; Toons on Tap, put on a gallery showing of people's work and I had a piece in it. It was a good night. Speaking of Toons on Tap here are a couple of my fave drawings from the last couple sessions.

The Next Toons on Tap is March 12th at the Rhino Bar on Queen St. Also The organizers of  ToT are awesome artists in their own right. Here's a link to their blogs Laurie's Blog and Jeremy's Blog.

Also Con season has snuck up on me once again and the first Show of the year Hobby Star's Toronto Comic Con is coming up on Saturday and I have been working at having a new issue of Manifest Destiny ready for the show. I finished penciling the last two pages of the issue yesterday, it's inks and coloring for me today.... Huzzah! And because of that I leave you with some sketches of the MD Cast

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