Wednesday, 6 September 2017

I Survived Fan Expo

This was my first year back selling comics at FanExpo in about 5 years, and if I met you there thank you for helping to make it so much fun. I think it was my personal best Fan Expo yet! A big Thank you to Sam Noir and my co-conspirator from Clarkson Comics Studio Stephany Lein, You guys helped make it awesome.

Also Stephany has a new comic in Kickstarter. It would be awesome if you guys who read my stuff would check it out, because I think that the world needs more comics like it which give young ladies some meaningful content aimed at them designed to address issues important to them.
Please check it out by clicking this link.

Next Show for me is Forest City Comic Con.

Logically speaking if Warcraft is about War shouldn't Lovecraft be about Love......

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