Monday, 8 September 2014

In Another Castle 25, and Montreal Comic con

First Off it's Monday so that means it's time for a new comic page.
Coming up this weekend I will be in one of the most Vibrant Cities here in Canada; Montreal, for Montreal Comic Con. I have a table in the artist alley and with me as always will be Jack, and sharing space with us for the first time is the awesome up and coming Natorra Ferguson (No relation). As if that weren't enough awesome some of the amazing artist's I'm proud to call friends will be there too. Such as Vitaly and MeeshkaJacobSarah, and Leslie.

As for me I will have three new posters at the table, as well as the usual Comics and Skowls. If you are curious as to what those posters are, I will show you right now.

Hiccup can train dragons, but can he train Kaiju?
Apparently Arendell is part of Westeros 

Kill La Kill Style Sailor scouts...
Also coming up this week Toons on Tap is back in action with a Cave Man theme. It is going to be a Super busy week.

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