Monday, 8 April 2013

Mouse Hunt, Skylanders, and other fun things

I've been practicing my digital painting skills on my iPad
The other night I went for a meet up with some of the local people who play and work on my fave Facebook game Mousehunt. It was a grand evening filled with fun discussion and good people, and food. Of course it took place at one of those restaurants that puts paper on the table and crayons within easy reach which of course means scribbling ensues. Despite the crayons I opted to use one of my all time favorite mediums to work in; cheap ballpoint pen.
Mouse Hunt inspired table Scribblins

And more scribblin
The other thing I have been doing lately is playing Skylanders, which has some very fun character designs. This naturally means that I want to draw them. I've been using them as warmups/ digital paint practice.

I've also discovered that Sketchbook Pro will create Timelapse movies of a drawing if I want, and I figured I post one of those too. I'd like to be able to add music to it but at the moment I'm fighting with a couple programs to get that to work right, and Udate is more important that a few nice tweaks..

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